Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA)


Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA) is the umbrella association of all tourist guides and guides' clubs in Uganda.

USAGA is the only tourist guides association officially recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage in Uganda.

USAGA is an association intended mainly for professional tour guides. The association brings together safari guides and sub groups for specialist skills - birding, butterfly, cultural tourism etc.

USAGA evolved from the defunct Uganda Tourist Driver Guides Association which was first established in 1995. The driver guides association however faced a lot of resistance from tour operators which forced many members to leave the association after facing threats of dismissal from their employers. This however did not stop the progress. In 1999, Uganda Bird guides club (UBGC) was then formed primarily to bring together bird guides in the country.

In 2000, the idea f a safari guides association was mooted and strongly supported by some existing members of the bird guides club. USAGA is now formally registered with the registrar of companies as a company limited by guarantee without a share capital. By 2005 USAGA was formally recognised by the Ministry of Tourism.
Some members of USAGA own tour companies and can arrange their own tours and thus effectively act as tour operators.
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The vision of USAGA is "Professional safari guides, professionally executing and managing safaris"


The above vision is translated into the following mission statement "To enhance the professional capacity of members in order to make every tourist's safari a memorable experience"

Core Values

The core values for USAGA and its membership include the following:

      • Commitment to and hard work in the delivering professional guiding services
      • Honesty and ethical personal conduct in safari guiding
      • Credibility and reliability as a professional safari guides association
      • Fairness, confidentiality and impartiality in execution of USAGA's role

USAGA's Goal, Results, Objectives and Activities. This section articulates USAGA's programme to address professionalism among safari guides in Uganda. The logical relationship between the goal, results, and objectives is attached to this plan as Annex 1. In this way, it is possible to review the goal, results, objectives and activities vis-à-vis the corresponding monitoring and evaluation indicators, means of verification and the expected threats and assumptions.

Our Goal - USAGA

A strong association able to effectively contribute to the professionalize safari guiding services in Uganda. 


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